Rules of the HybridElectric Forum

1. Respect others

· Avoid offensive, aggressive, discriminatory, demeaning, or threatening comments towards other users.

· Respect the differences in opinions and beliefs of other forum participants. Discussions should be conducted in a polite and friendly manner.

2. Maintain appropriate language

· Avoid using profanity and cursing.

· Do not post explicit or adult content, which is unsuitable for minors.

3. Avoid spam

· Post content related to the forum's topics and valuable to the community.

· Do not repost the same content, affiliate links, or irrelevant posts multiple times.

4. Respect privacy

· Do not publish private information of yourself or other users, such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

· Respect the privacy of other forum participants.

5. Compliance with the law

· Posting content that violates the law, is offensive, illegal, or infringes copyrights is prohibited.

· Ensure that your discussions and content do not violate any legal regulations.

6. Be honest

· Provide verified and credible information. When sharing statistical data, cite the source of this information.

· Avoid spreading false or unverified information.

7. Use appropriate sections

· Post content in relevant thematic sections to help other users find the information they are interested in.

8. Respect moderator decisions

· Moderator decisions aim to maintain order and uphold the forum's rules. Respect their decisions and, if you have questions, consult them.

9. Report violations

· If you notice a violation of the regulations or forum rules, inform a moderator using the appropriate tools on the forum.

10. Ensure safety

· Do not share your personal information or confidential data with other users.

· Avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading files from untrusted sources.

11. Forum Guidelines and Etiquette

· Prefer language spoken/written on this forum is English

· Please take a moment to introduce yourself (click here).

· Do not hijack threads with unrelated questions, start your own thread.

· It is generally forbidden to double post on the board. Use the edit button when altering your reply.

· Do not post "thanks" only or in whatever like "thanks bro" "thanks a million" "thanks I love it" "you’re the best" "cool" and so on, this will be removed and will result in a warning. If you want to show your gratitude, use the button LIKE or send a message to him!

12. Selling Guidelines

· Selling in open Forum is not allowed. Please use the Selling Box Section ONLY to sell your stuff, including tools, services & others.

· For Buyers and Sellers, the method of transaction and transfer (product, service, etc.), discuss in private chat. That's what it's designed for.

13. Proper Topic Titles

· Do not make topic titles like “HELP”, “PLEASE HELP”, “I NEED HELP”, but use a relevant title. All such topics will be deleted.

HybridElectric Forum Staff reserves the right to edit/modify/remove any post at any time with or without notice.

Observing these rules is essential to maintaining a positive and constructive atmosphere on the forum. The administration reserves the right to apply sanctions to users who violate these rules, including warnings, account suspensions, or permanent account removal from the forum.

Thank you for adhering to our rules and contributing to a positive community on our forum!

Rules updated: 21.07.2023